March 4, 2011

He Don't Need No Stinkin' Medicine

Noah's surgery went great on Wednesday. In fact, the nurses kept exclaiming how great of a patient he was. They gushed about him so much that I just had to ask what the kids usually do. "Oh", they said, "they wake up angry and want their mom and dad, thrash around, try to pull out their IV's..." *cringe*

Psh. And to think I had been embarrassed that he was doing his little squeak thing (which he does when he's a little nervous) instead of answering the nurses when they talked to him. Even that didn't last since he did warm up and start talking before the surgery.

What can I say? It seems my kids are perfect little patients! May they never have to be so again. A patient that is. They can keep on being perfect please. And maybe spread the perfection to other areas that need a bit of help? *sigh*

Noah was on his feet so much yesterday that I was practically begging him to sit on the couch and put his feet up for a bit so I didn't have to hurt for him. (Yes, I was having sympathy pains for him.) Apparently three seconds flat is all the time necessary for his feet to rest and recharge.

What can I say? Noah is a tough little guy.


Jessica said...

Hurray for a good, non-eventful surgery! What a good little patient. He's a tough little trooper. And I don't just say that because he bears an uncanny resemblance to a small Indiana Jones.

Laura said...

Stopping by from SITS. Sounds like the surgery went well. Hope the little guy recovers quickly.

Caren with a "C" said...

Glad to hear all went well with your son. My 6 year old bounced back the same after her tonsil surgery last summer. I'm glad little bodies can recover quickly. Visiting from SITS.