March 14, 2011

Explosive Relationships

Our microwave is kaput. I mean I would have given it a chance to explain itself. Microwave, why are heating up when no one is using you? Are you feeling a little under the weather? Dear dear Microwave, it seems you have a fever. Do you want to take a day off?

But no.

John, that safety first guy, pulled the plug on our faithful kitchen assistant. He even put it out to the street. Alone. Rejected. Forlorn.

That was right before this happened!

Just kidding. Did you fall for that? Heh heh heh.

Rest in peace, dear Microwave.

Yeah, that's not him either. I don't usually take pictures of my appliances. Maybe I should... just in case.

Now I'm actually going to have to plan ahead and thaw meat early for our dinners. *sigh*


Jessica said...

Oh no! No microwave?! *puts a trembling hand out to touch your shoulder tenderly* Condolences, my friend. May you meet with a new (and much less faulty) kitchen assistant soon. *plays taps on pretend trumpet, gently*

bluecottonmemory said...

I love my microwave. I, however, cringe, when my kids are using it, wondering if they are going to put a metal utensil in or cook too long. The youngest is just now learning - I'm not really ready for that! Hope you got a new one!