February 12, 2011

Good Enough to Wear Underwear!

'Tis the season.

No, not the holiday season. *shakes head sadly* The bug, germ, sickness, fever, cough-your-head-off season.

We don't make a practice of participating in these "festivities" but this week the boys went all out.

It all began (or reared its ugly head) Thursday afternoon when I naively rejoiced to hear the words, "Mommy, I want to take a nap." out of not one but two of my fine young gentlemen. Seemingly, out of nowhere, there were fevers and coughs and lethargy and snotty noses. 102.8 degrees is not something you want to feel on your little one's forehead.

(Even our dog got caught up in the spirit of things and had a double ear infection.)

Nathan felt so poorly that I suggested he wear a pull-up. He even felt so poorly that he agreed to that idea. Who wants to have to make that trip to the bathroom when you don't even want to make any unnecessary move?

And so continued the next day.

But. This morning. Upon getting up to check on the boys. Nathan is awake AND up. He greets me with a sing-songy "Mommy! I'm wearing underwear because I'm going to go potty on the toilet!"

O Happy Day!

The fevers are gone.

'Tis time for a new season. Of health. And underwear.


Jessica said...

Hurray for feeling better! Hurray for underwear! (Hurray for a new blog post! I've missed them!)

daddy said...

My boys are so awesome, they just lounge till they feel better and then.....back to playing with every toy they own

Rebekah said...

Yes, tis the season for sickness. Last night my boy had an ear ache. But really we've been lucky this year and I claim our success to getting the swine flu last year. We are tough buggers now! Nothing can take us down! That flu was a blessing really.

Anonymous said...

The silver lining to when they're sick is they slow down! So glad their feeling better - One of mine was snotty, feverish - and so almost didn't go to school. The advil kicked and he didn't want to miss. Left me a little surprised - but who am I to be a spoiler:)