February 28, 2011

Can't See the Fog For The Clouds

Our latest snowfall is in meltdown mode this morning. The temperature has reached 40 degrees and rain is falling. A lot of rain. A lot of melting. And fog. (Some may say it's a gloomy day but not I. To me it is a sign of spring getting closer.)

During the early drive to Nathan's Pre-K, I pointed out the (I thought obvious) fog to Nathan and Noah. "Wow. Look at all the fog."

Noah squeaks, "Where?"

"There. All around. The clouds are sitting down real low."

"I don't see it!", chirps Noah.

"Yes, you do! It's all around." I try to clarify: "It looks kind of like smoke."

Nathan adds his two cents. "I think it IS smoke."

"No, it's not smoke; it's just the clouds have come down low."

After a moment of consideration Nathan shares his theory: "I think they are maybe making this a spooky road."

Those dang road crews! Always up to something.

"It's not spooky. It's just clouds."

As Noah continues to search for the fog, Nathan does his brotherly duty and teaches him all about how "froggy" the low clouds made the road.

"Fog. It's foggy, not froggy." (At least I didn't see any frogs.)

Who knew a seemingly quick observation would brighten my day with their fun curiosity and imaginations?

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Jessica said...

I <3 the froggy days. ;) We have spooky roads around here too. I didn't realize they were planned that way though... *shakes fist at the Department of Transportation*