July 29, 2012

Safe In My Arms

My Noah
I woke up to "THEY CAN'T FIND NOAH AT CHURCH!" John was distraught. My mom must have just called. I searched for my shoes and starting praying aloud. "Jesus, you know where he is. Please protect my Noah."
I came downstairs when the phone rang again and John was sobbing, saying "They found him." Where? "He was hiding." Is he okay? "Yes." I sat down. John stayed on the floor, relieved and overwhelmed.
We are so thankful that our son is safe. I'm thankful for friends and family that care and searched.


Jessica said...

So very scary. I can feel your relief and joy. Be blessed, Perino family!

Serena said...

We have been there. It's an awful feeling. So glad he was found and jus hiding. When Gabe got lost, it was Trunk or Treat, so he was in the same costume as 3 other kids, with a mask, which made him harder to find. It's such a horrible, panicky feeling. (hug)