September 15, 2010

Lots of Bodies

Overheard on the way to Nathan's Pre-K.

Nathan: "See that?" *points to the cemetery as we drive by* "There are BODIES in there."

Noah: *surprised gasp* (This in itself had me laughing inwardly.) Then a comforting "That's okaaay."

Nathan: "It's NOT okay! People DIED! From our TOWN!!"

I wish I had real life DVR so I could rewind and see the expressions on their faces as they had this passionate discussion. Is there anything cuter than a 4 year old and a (nearly) 3 year old having a serious discussion? Probably not.


Anonymous said...

No - there is nothing cuter, funnier or more heart-warming then little guys having a passionate discussion! Lucky you!

Jessica and Jason said...

I think Nathan may be the one in the movie who the movie goers are rooting for - "Listen to him! He's on to something!" I'd be keeping an eye on him, if I were you... if he tells you not to go down into the creepy basement to change out that sudden burned-out light bulb, for the love of God, don't go.

Jennifer said...

How cute, little kids are adorable when they are trying to be serious.