April 9, 2010

Spiteful Sofa

Dear Couch,

I hate you. Let me be clear. You are supposed to be "a piece of furniture on which several may sit or one may recline; also, a bed, or any place of repose". Apparently you haven't read the dictionary OR you are so hateful yourself that you certainly let me "recline" but did not allow me to sleep comfortably. All I required of you was a place of rest so I could avoid the germ-coughing husband. Instead, I was mostly sleepless and my back and hip hurt. I concur that if I plastered my back against your back, things were greatly improved but I have a need to move sometimes. So was that some kind of power trip to keep me close? That's no way to cuddle.

Feeling spiteful and a little sore too,

P.S. I did go to Bed and it was delightful!

P.P.S. Josiah spells your name "calch". So there. I hope your offended... until I need to sit on you again. This letter is all about the sleeping aspect. I know, I know. You make a fine seat especially with the help of pillows.


The Boob Nazi said...

I hate trying to sleep on the couch.

Jessica and Jason said...

Bummer on a bad night's sleep. But hey, you got to use "concur" - I applaud.

Laura said...

Ugh that's the worst...you should have sent the sick hubby out there! :)

Jennifer said...

LOL, funny post, though I am sorry to hear your husband has been sick. Hope you don't catch it. I can sleep in a recliner easier than on a couch.

Bethany said...

I can sleep anywhere. I don't know what that says about me. That being said I hate the couch for you. I hope you didn't get sick anyway after making the sacrifice of sleeping on the devil's sofa.