March 23, 2010

Freedom is Work

Noah recently moved into his "big boy" bed. He is thrilled about it. However, he is adjusting to the freedom this bed offers. He quickly realized he can get up and investigate the rest of the bedroom after the door closes for the night.

We'll hear movement above us as John and I are downstairs. Sometimes Josiah or Nathan will come downstairs to file their latest grievance. "Noah is opening and closing the closet door." "Noah is turning the nightlight on and off." "Noah keeps talking."

Then one of us, usually me it seems, will go upstairs and "remind" Noah that it is bedtime and he must lay still, be quiet, and go to sleep. He will reply, "Okay."

So far it hasn't been necessary... but the crib is still up and I'm not afraid to use it.

So Noah is learning that you must be responsible with freedom or you can lose it.


Marie said...

He looks all grown up.

thatgirlblogs said...

cozy! he'll stay in there.

Shell said...

My youngest can climb out of his crib, so that isn't a threat to him.

He looks so cute!

Laura said...

Ahhh freedom, such a pain. :)
That picture is great!

Laura said...

Ha -- "the crib is up and I'm not afraid to use it"! Made me laugh.

With freedom comes responsibility. Start teaching them early! Love it!